About company

Enterprise Maintenance Lifts “Lift- Malko” was founded in 1990. At the beginning of its operations in our company worked only a few employees and it was located in a small rented room. Over time, our company has gradually grown up. Currently, it employs nearly 40 skilled workers. The company has its own office in Stare Babice in the vicinity of Warsaw and numerous affiliates in Warsaw

We are one of the leading companies on the Warsaw market with comprehensive services: manufacturing, modernization and installation of lifts and lifting platforms in Warsaw buildings housing associations and cooperatives . Our particular concern is the quality of services and satisfaction of our customers. For several years, we obtained the opinion of the reliable company, which is characterized by professionalism, punctuality and reliability of services provided to our customers. We have a skilled and professional workforce which, through many years of experience, training and certifications held services at the highest level.

As a professional company we have the necessary licenses and certificates issued by the Office of Technical Inspection (UDT ) in Warsaw. We work closely with the Warsaw Branch of the Office of Technical Inspection. Our company is a member of the Association of Employers of the Lifts Industry and the Polish Association of Manufacturers of Lifts. For many years, we also cooperate with many Polish and foreign companies with the lifts industry.

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